Understanding how Facebook ads work

Understanding how Facebook ads work


Ginger Arboleda

Ginger Arboleda

314 week ago — 6 min read

Summary: Using Facebook Ads can help your enterprise grow. Ginger Arboleda of Manila Workshops, explains just how you can leverage this tool to help you achieve your business goals.


Entrepreneurs would usually grab any opportunity to promote their business. The reason behind this is that we always need to test a specific strategy to prove whether it is effective or not. Each business is different, and each customer segment is unique. We business owners, must always grab the chance to test and try out new things. In the years that I have been in business and met numerous business owners, I find that those who make it are those who execute faster than others. There is no such thing as “later” or “not now” for these people. The only difference is that these people are quick to seize an opportunity. 


With the ever-changing times and because technology evolves quickly, businesses and brands need to adapt to survive. And those who are able to gain knowledge quickly are the ones who get to swim to the shore. In terms of marketing, there is a plethora of platforms, channels and choices available. One of the more famous platforms is Facebook. 


Have you tried creating an advertisement on Facebook? Do you know how to use this platform?


Most of the micro and small business owners in our country have not yet tried using Facebook ads. Many of them are still skeptical on how effective it really is. Some still doubt that people would actually click on an ad.


Over the years, Facebook has developed ways on how to present content and ads that you would be interested in. In fact, one of the factors of Facebook ad costs is how engaging your ad is. The more engaging and targeted it is, the better for the brand.


For those who have never tried Facebook, all you need is to follow certain basic steps. Just follow these steps and you'll be able to launch a Facebook ad in no time.


Step 1: Outline your objective

The first step is defining an objective, and this should be aligned with your business or marketing objective. Is your objective to generate traffic? Is it to increase engagement? Or is it to install a mobile application that you have created? What's good about ads manager is that it already splits the objectives into three main categories: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. This is based on the customer journey.


Step 2: Select your audience

The second step entails identifying the type of audience that you would like to see your advertisement which includes the location, age, gender, and all other filter options. Facebook has three types of audiences: Core, Custom and Lookalike. Remember that perfect targeting is not too narrow and not to broad. Facebook gives you a tool to identify this. The number of ‘likes’ you get may not be a good indicator of how many customers you are attracting. When people who are not actually interested in knowing more about your brand ‘like’ your page, engagement of ads targeted to those who follow your page will be low. Thus, this may end up being more costly.


Step 3: Pick a time

The third step is setting the specific time and place of when and where would you like your advertisement to be published? You can pick a particular date and time and you can choose Facebook, Instagram or Audience network.

Step 4: Set a budget

The fourth step is setting your budget. What’s good about Facebook advertising is that it won’t demand for you to pay a published rate. You will be the one to choose how much you would like to spend. Of course, the algorithm behind it is that you pay lower for more engaging ads, so be sure that you target the right audience who would really be interested in clicking on your ad.


Step 5: Choose a format

Lastly, what type of format would you like to use? You can choose a photo, carousel, video, slideshow or a canvas format. Again, just be sure that it will be interesting and catchy enough to draw the attention of your chosen target market.


Remember that when you run ads, the metrics that you need to follow are based on the objective that you set. Always follow the journey of your target user. Usually, you first introduce your business and give your audience a taste of what you have to offer. Later on conversion will increase when people trust your brand and click your advertisements.


Facebook advertisement is simple, and at the same time equally powerful just like the other forms of advertisement. I believe that it's here to stay and is an effective avenue to get the attention of people who are on this platform.


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