Year-end message from the Lead Advocate

Year-end message from the Lead Advocate


Jaypee Soliman

Jaypee Soliman

31 Dec 2020, 13:00 — 3 min read

Wow, like being in a time warp, 2020 went faster than any other years before. We have made it through all the struggles, hardships, this pandemic brought. And despite all these challenges, we have had our share of winnings - personal or business related.

Thinking positive was difficult, but as Filipinos, we still managed to smile, we managed to laugh, we managed to get by. That is truly the resiliency ingrained in each and every one of us.

The Bayanihan spirit was more than just rekindled. Each and every one, at any given point, was ready to help. Even those who needed help were ready to help. This makes us proud to be Filipinos. This makes us proud of being part of this community.

Business was tough, tougher, toughest (if you get the drift). But because of the community, we still get inspired, we push forward, and fight a good fight. For 2020, we are proud to report that we are now beyond 50,000 Filipino MSME members on UnionBank Globallinker. We are now more than 300,000 strong with our international partners.

Your successes and journeys are our inspiration to continue and do better.

Locally, we have enabled close to 2,000 businesses to bring their products and services online through our Linker.Store program. We have launched 4 different marketplaces together with the Department of Trade and other partners. We have enabled digital banking for more than 4,000 MSMEs just for this year. We have enabled business to business opportunities locally and internationally. We have had record braking 190,000 connections made in this year alone.

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In line with globalization, we have successfully completed our integration with Business Sans Boarder (Proxtera) project together with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, which now connects us to millions of other MSMEs globally present in other business and e-commerce platforms.

Surprising even to us, we had more than 200 webinars and events, hosted by the UnionBank Globallinker team, our members and our partners all together. We made available and partnered with 20 new service provider partners from payment gateways, to logistics, to ERP systems, HR, accounting, taxation, insurance, and everything else important for you and your teams.

The learning never stops. The helping will never end. You, our MSME members, keep us going. You keep us motivated. Your successes and journeys are our inspiration to continue and do better.

With you in our community, we believe we can do more. With you by our side, we know we can succeed together and take on whatever 2021 will bring.

We wish everyone blessings, we wish everyone success.

Let’s keep connected.

Mabuhay kayo aming hinahangaang MSMEs!


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Jaypee Rico Soliman

SME and Micropreneurs Segment Head SME Marketing Head Product Owner UnionBank GlobalLinker Customer Experience Group