UnionBank’s partners join “Going digital with U”

UnionBank’s partners join “Going digital with U”


UnionBank Publication

UnionBank Publication

23 Aug 2019, 14:44 — 3 min read

Over 80 partners of UnionBank from various industries gathered together to understand the importance of digitization on their respective businesses.

To start the learning session last August 19, 2019, participants of the event, dubbed as Going Digital with U  held at UnionBank Plaza, Pasic City, were welcomed by Mon Dimapilis, Business Services Group Head of UnionBank. 

The attendees were able to receive fresh insights about data privacy compliance and its significance to protect and maintain their business. Gela Gaffud, Data Governance Officer, led the discussion and highlighted the possible penalties when the data collected by a business was compromised, exposed, and/or stolen.

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“Working in a Collection company, I now better understand the importance of securing personal information of our clients. I should be more careful to handle sensitive information,” Pia Camano shared when asked about her takeaways from the event.

Meanwhile, Mel Villareal of UnionBank shared general guidelines of a business continuity plan to help companies ensure their operations continue when disruption arises, and that they can still deliver critical services to their clients.

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UnionBank also maximized the opportunity to introduce UnionBank GlobalLinker, a free digital platform for micro, small, and medium enterprises. UnionBank GlobalLinker advocate Marianne Urbano did a walk-through of the platform to emphasize its free business tools and discounted offers for the members of the platform.

 “Sobrang nagustuhan ko ‘yung platform kasi andito na lahat at libre pa. (I really like the platform because everything [that a business needs] is already there and it’s free.),” shared Lorna Chavez, Key Account Officer of Langhoff.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views, official policy or position of GlobalLinker.

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